Mtskheta is the former capital of Georgia. It is located 20 km from Tbilisi. Christianity was declared as the official religion of Georgia here. And its historical monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The first of these objects, which we will visit, is Jvari temple (in the lane «cross»).

The temple of the 7th century is interesting both from the historical, and from the architectural and the landscape views.

It is located on top of the mountain, from where a wonderful view of the confluence of two rivers — Aragvi and Kura. There, according to historical sources, the cross was erected by the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino. That’s why the temple got its name.

It is believed that this is the scene of the poem «Mtsyri», where M.Yu. Lermontov received his inspiration:


“Where merge Aragva and her twin,
Kura, and fast rush onward, in
Times past, a lonely cloister stood;
By fields, a dense and overgrown wood
Encircled ’twas….A wayfarer,
Toiling uphill, will see what were
A gate and gateposts once and, too,
A church….”


Next, we will visit the equally important, also included in the UNESCO list, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Church (life-giving pillar). During centuries it has been the center of Christian Georgia. According to legend, it was here that the first Christian king of Georgia, Mirian, was baptized. There are also many important relics here, about which we will tell you in details about during the tour.




Then we will walk around the town itself, where we will have time to buy souvenirs, and also recommend here to buy churchkhela and spices 🙂

From Mtskheta we will go to the ancient city of Gori — the birthplace of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. Before the war, a museum was created in a small house where the future statesman was born. Later it was expanded and turned into a huge majestic pantheon for the leader: here you will follow the life path of a person-era from birth to death, see the preserved sculpture of Stalin, personal items, furniture and the famous armored car.

Uplistsikhe — the fortress of the Almighty

So in such way the name of the impressive cave city is literally translated, the inhabitants of which did not recognize Christianity and until the last worshiped their gods. Uplistsikhe was founded at the end of II — beginning of I millennium BC, and left only in the 19th century BC. Today, in its rocks you will be able to know the stories about the construction of the ancient city, about the periods of its heyday and decline, about Georgian paganism, about ancient secrets and legends. Significant artifacts and prehistoric monuments will evidently tell you about everything: you will see a temple of worship of the sun, places for sacrifice, cave tunnels and even the Hellenistic theater.


Return to Tbilisi.

Beginning at 09:00

Duration about 10 hours.


— guide services

— all transport on the route

Not included:

— lunch

— entrance tickets (Stalin’s house-museum, Uplistsikhe)

— personal expenses

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