Departure from Tbilisi.

Borjomi is a resort in the center of Georgia, which is famous for its sources of healing mineral water, as well as a good balneological resort with modern health centers.


Besides the water, Borjomi is well-known for its healing air. Every spring people, who have respiratory problems, come here.  Freshness, cleanliness and conifers appeal them.


At different times, representatives of the royal family, Stalin, Tchaikovsky, Chekhov and many others, were treated with Borjomi mineral water. Until now, Chekhov’s house, in which he lived for two months, has been preserved in Borjomi.


We will go into the central park, optionally climb the cable car, which offers a wonderful view of the city itself.  We will definitely drink water from the source.





Next we will visit the largest medieval monument in Georgia — the Rabat fortress.

Fortress XVI-XVIII centuries, is situated in the south of Georgia. It is the main sight of Akhaltsikhe.

The name of the Rabat fortress comes from the Arabic “arribat” — “fortified monastery”. This is the largest surviving fortress in Georgia and, without a doubt, the most restored.


Inside the fortress walls there are many interesting things — a palace, towers, courtyards with pools and fountains, enfilades, a small garden-maze.




During this day, we will visit another amazing attraction of Georgia — the cave city Vardzia. The city in the rock consists of approximately 600 caves, natural and man-made. It was built as a fortress capable to protect the garrison and civilians from raids. It was able to accommodate about 20 thousands of people. However, the concept was “built” is relative. Nature itself gave people this place, all that was left was to «settle» it. In the course of time, churches, baths were built here, a sewer system, cells, pantries, a hospital, wine cellars and much more were founded. There are eight floors in height.  What we can see now was previously hidden from the view, but later, as a result of the earthquake, part of the rock collapsed and its entire “inner world” appeared before us. However, even now only one part is available for guests, the tourist one, which can be observed, but this is also a functioning monastery and there is a second part, the monastery, in which access for tourists is prohibited.



Return to Tbilisi.

Beginning at 08:00


Duration is about 10-11 hours.




— guide services


— all transport on the route


Not included:


— lunch


— entry tickets


— personal expenses


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